The line between unfair business tactics and healthy economic competition is not always clear. While businesses are allowed to engage in legitimate competition, there exists a right to seek recompense against those who interfere with a valid contract or business expectancy. This claim is referred to as “tortious interference.” Tortious interference can also qualify as the requisite “unlawful act” for purposes of claiming a business conspiracy.

In order to bring a claim for tortious interference, you must establish (1) a valid contractual relationship; (2) knowledge of the relationship or expectancy on the part of the interferor; (3) intentional interference inducing or causing a breach or termination of the relationship or expectancy; (4) improper methods employed by the interferor; and (5) resultant damage to the party whose relationship or expectancy has been disrupted. For example, a third party cannot bribe an individual or defame your character to induce a party to breach its contract with you.

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